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November 2, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
((OTL; Authors note: sorry if I failed and this is just…awkward. I don’t write lemons…))

“Hey, need some help with that?” Your eyes caught a look at the shoes worn by the owner of the voice. Those red converse instantly sparked his name; Alfred F. Jones. He was in two classes with you: biology and geometry. The two books you wished to put away just happened to be for those classes. Huh, go figure, right?

“Uh…yeah, thanks…” You were about to get up from crouching down when your legs decided to embarrass you by giving out and causing you to fall back. However, you didn’t hit the floor since Alfred caught you in time. Blushing, you mumbled another thank you to the blond, who just laughed and smiled.

“So…dudette…are you gonna tell me your combination or are you just gonna look at me all day.” That sentence made your blush deepen as you told him the three numbers. With one try, he had your locker open as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

You noticed Alfred didn’t leave your locker to go with his friends. Which, of course, you didn’t mind; it’s just…it gets slightly irritating when someone just stares at you. “Hey, [Name], wanna come back with me to my room?” You almost dropped your books when he casually invited you.

“I-I mean, that is if you want—” You cut him off with the slamming of your locker. “Sure, we can study for the big Biology test in a few days.” The moment you looked at his face, he just grinned, but once you turned away he sighed to himself. Clearly, he meant something completely different, but whatever.

Eventually, you both were in his dorm room. He had various posters of superheroes, mainly Captain America and Superman, though. You saw that there were stacks of video games and McDonalds wrappers scattered on the carpet. You sighed inaudibly at the mess, but said nothing about it.

Cautiously making sure you didn’t step on something; you found your way to his bed. See as how you didn’t really want him to see up your skirt, you laid yourself prudently on your back. You just held the text book in your hands, with it opened it to the page you needed and waited for Alfred to join you.

“Okay, sorry to keep you waiting, dude!” You merely nodded and didn’t even look away from the page. You, reading the long paragraph in the book, failed to notice what Alfred was doing. Not knowing if he was doing it subconsciously or on purpose, you felt yourself slightly shiver from him even touching your legs.

“[Name]…” You glanced over at the male, but said nothing. “Close the book…I don’t wanna study biology.” Hesitantly, you closed the book, set it down, and dared to ask: “What do you want to study then?” He simply smirked at you and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know…maybe the human body?” You felt your cheeks heat up instantaneously.

“Alfred, what do you—” He cut your talking short by kissing you abruptly. Clearly taken back, you had little time to comprehend, but before you could return the kiss, he pulled away. “Alfie…” He seemed to perk up a smidge when you called him that. You just stared at him with a blush on your face.

“You do know what I mean by that, right?” He chuckled at how much you were blushing when you nodded your head. “Y-Yeah, Al…I understood what you meant.” Alfred grinned and before you knew it, he was on top of you.  “Al…what—” He silenced you by leaning down to kiss you once more.

“You talk way too much, babe.” To say you were just blushing, would be an understatement; your cheeks were so bright, they looked like Christmas lights. You soon felt Alfred pin you on the bed, but you could tell he tried his best to not hurt you.

Shortly, his lips found their way back to yours and for once, you returned his kiss. As you two moved in sync with each other’s movements, you felt something wet move swiftly across your bottom lip. Slowly, you parted your mouth and felt him practically shove his tongue inside.

Your tongues were tangled together, fighting for the lead –in which it’s no surprise, Alfred won. Seeing as you both needed to separate for air, momentarily, all you could do was look up at the blond. “I think it’s time to let me study the body~” His hands were unexpectedly warm, but as they tauntingly slid up and down your legs, you felt yourself growing…impatient.

“Alfred, don’t do that.” You gasped quietly as you watched his smirk grow; his hands were dangerously close to your…vital regions. “Aw, but I need to do this to be able to ‘study’.” Glaring at him didn’t last very long, considering he startled you by suddenly attacking your neck. He obviously was marking your body, as if he was claiming new territory. He seemed to have found that certain spot very easily, since you ended up giving in to the pleasure. When he detached his lips from your neck, you let out a small groan of discontentment.

“Strip for me.” That one sentence made you completely flushed. Hesitantly positioning yourself upwards after Alfred let go of you, you started to do as you were told. You were so submissive to him and he was determined to use it as an advantage. As soon as you were done undressing yourself, Al had his hands on your chest, making you shudder from the contact.

After a while of just being pretty much fully groped by the American, he finally got undressed, as well. “[Name], since I just finished studying the body, I now have to experience it.” As you opened your mouth to say something to him, you felt your body being brought down on all fours. Alfred stood directly behind you and slowly started pushing himself into your body. You closed your eyes as you felt him adjust. Your faintly tear-stained eyes looked down at the crinkling bed sheets below you.

He soon began thrusting in and out of you; slowly at first, but worked up to a faster pace. The room was filled with the sounds of moaning, occasional mutterings from Alfred, and the faint noise of skin on skin. You silently prayed that nobody around his dorm room was listening, it would be downright embarrassing! Soon, you felt yourself coming to an end and Alfred was seemingly close behind. After a few more thrusts, you both yelled out each other’s names.

Now panting and desperately trying to catch your breath, you sensed Alfred pulled out and saw that he was lying down next to you. “I can’t believe we just did that.” He opened his blue eyes and started to chuckle. “Well, at least now I know the body.” You sighed and laid down next to the American…suddenly, you remembered something.

“Alfie, the test is on cell structure, not the human body…”


OTL, this is probably really, really bad....sorry XD

//my pride kinda like left me...*sulks*

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GTWinner621 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Writer
" I now have to experience it."

Me: don't you mean... Experiment on it.
Bloodymaryaries Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol I loved it!! XD *nose bleed* but why did I imagine myself as nyo!Canada the whole time? Lol
Chikarika Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I love the last part-
PokeKirby87 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
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Thank is amazing
spukluvver557 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Photographer
I am 14 and I loved it
mzmeemee Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
cue deh blush and nosebleed :        Icon - 086 Felix (Tsundere blush)         :iconnosebleedplz:      lol good job Clap 
HaythemKenway Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Nosebleed!!!! Really funny and so cool! <3 You're the best *_*
Britain-and-Paris Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was really good ESPECIALLY for your first lemon I've read thousands of people lemons which was there first and this was the best!! 
katcraft455 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh god, so much nosebleed. The very end was really funny :3
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