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Submitted on
July 22, 2012
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READ THIS: Okay, so as many people wanted me to write this…here it is ~ By the way, this is like eleven years later, since you and Prussia were like ten in the first one and like yeah. ~ Enjoy lovelies. :c

It's been eleven years exactly after you and your beloved knight parted. You were young and foolish back then, but even till this day your feelings never faded. It was as if they were preserved as an artefact of your heart or something. You remembered everything about Gilbert. His silver hair, his piercing cherry coloured eyes, his contagious laugh, and that cute yellow bird he would always carry.

After he left you in the courtyard that day, your life changed. Your mother was more than happy to have you marry a prince of a nearby kingdom. Your father, however, knew how upset you were. After all, he was the one whom you confided your feelings with, as if he was a living diary.

Anyways, you're now queen of [kingdom name] and you are now married to some guy who you don't even like. You still remember that promise Gilbert made you all those years ago. He would never marry unless it was you who received the ring. Too bad you couldn't keep that promise to him. Surely, he would understand – this was bound to happen eventually.

You were walking down in the lower parts of the kingdom when you saw it. You saw a cute yellow bird sitting under a letter. Being the curious one, you walked over to where the bird was. Somehow, you didn't startle the animal; you made it chirp happily as it flew on your shoulder. You picked the letter up and examined it. It was a simple white enveloped letter with your name scribbled in red ink on the front.

You carefully opened the note up and read it.

Dear Princess,

I doubt you're even a princess anymore, but whatever. I'm returning to [kingdom name] and I'm hoping to see you. I bet you grew up into an awesomely hot…uh, never mind. I bet you don't even remember the awesome me. But, you should! You were the only girl who No…I… screw this, [Name]. I came back for you after these years. I hope you find this, but knowing how you love going on walks this way, I made sure of it. Well, I hope you still like me. It would be awkward if you did not return my feelings anymore…

You couldn't make out what the rest said, since it looked like it was erased and scribbled out many times. You giggled at this, because you knew who it was from. Your knight returned to you, but was in all in vain?

That's where the bird was familiar! It was Gilbird. How could you forget him? Shrugging that off, you turned around to head back to the castle. It was too late for your fairy-tale. You had to grow up and let go. Right?

Wrong. You only turned around to see him. He's obviously grown since you both were ten. He's gotten to be quite a handsome man. His eyes were still as red as ever and his hair was the same colour as the clouds in the sky. "[Name]…" He reached out for your hand, but froze when he saw the ring.

"You…you got married…" You sighed and lowered your head in shame. He had been faithful to his promise all these years. "I'm sorry, I had no –" He laughed that odd laugh of his, which startled you.

"Oh, I understand…but, now that I'm back…you'll be mine, right?" You watched as Gilbird flew over to his owner as they both waited for your answer. Your Prussian knight from your childhood became uncharacteristically nervous as you remained silent.

"Well…" You trailed your words off as you thought for a moment. You made the choice of leaving him once, and here he is. This was destinies way of saying You belong together

Who were you to go against your destiny? You smiled sadly, though…you remembered you already had a husband. A husband, whom you had synthetic love for, but he was also the one everybody liked...

"Gil…this is way easier said than done, especially now. I'm married and the queen…I can't –"
"No, [Name]…I'm done waiting. I…I can't believe the awesome me is going to admit this, but I love you." It was as if he knew how to make you feel guilty about this all. You really loved him, too, no matter how wrong it is.

"Gilbert," You pulled him into a darkened area where nobody could see. "I love you with all my heart. I want to be with you…and only you. But, I can't."
His smile went away as quickly as it appeared. "No, my queen, I…guess I understand. Come on, Gilbird."

He turned away and started to walk away from you, once more. You let him slip away from you all those years ago. You were not going to lose him again.

"Gilbert, wait! Please…" He ignored you and your cries, so you ran up to him. You didn't care about who saw any more, all you wanted was to be with him. You finally caught up with him, and kissed him, right in the middle of the courtyard.

"I love you, Gilbert. I always have and I always will." The albino smiled widely and kissed you once more. This was how it should be. It was meant to be this way.

Later that night, you talked to your father about a divorce between you and your current husband. Too much of your surprise, your father and your mother both agreed. They never said why they allowed you to break from your marriage, but you were happy they did.

A few days later, you and Gilbert finally wedded and became the new rulers of [Kingdom name].
This is how it ends, my dear readers; the fairy-tale that was always meant to be.

Your knight is now your king and you, his princess, are now his lovely queen. Together until death, but even in death… you two will always love each other.

though, in simpler words, your love was true and to infinity and beyond. ~



Anyway. . . . hope you enjoyed

if i kept Prussia in character this whole time, i'm awesome.....
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