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July 28, 2012
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You woke up in a dark room. You weren't exactly sure about details, but you knew that Al must have taken you here. The light suddenly switched on, causing you to shield your eyes from it being so bright. You looked who was at the door. It wasn't Al, but a girl with pink and green hair. She looked like a doll, which was pretty scary. She walked over to you with a bitter-sweet smile on her face.

"He was right…you are pretty enough to eat." You felt a slight blush form on your cheeks, but you managed to keep it away when you realised she said 'enough to eat'.  "Not to be rude, but who the hell are you?" The girl giggled childishly and replied, "I'm Kiwi ~"

Kiwi seemed like she was nice, but you still didn't trust her much. Not that I don't blame you, really. "Where am I…can you at least tell me that?" Your company sighed and clasped her hands together.

"Not yet, m'dear, just…wait until Al is ready to tell you, but until then you'll be having dinner with us." You had to eat with these…people? Well, this could be interesting. Before you even had time to say something else, she disappeared. How weird can people be nowadays? You fell back onto the off-white coloured bed and ran your fingers through your hair.

~*At dinner*~

You were now sitting at a small wooden table with Al, Kiwi, and a man you didn't know yet. "Ah, Alfie ~ is this girl the one you told us about?" The one who was likely from Britain spoke up first.

Al just grunted in answer. He seemed to not like the other man too much. "So, tell me, poppet, what's your name? I'm Arthur ~" He was now looking at you. In honesty, he didn't look scary…but, you didn't know if it was because of what he was wearing, the fact he was eating a cupcake, or his eyebrows, which were rather thick.

"I'm [Name]." You didn't even bother with your late name. You picked up a slightly dented fork and began to eat. It was meat, you knew that, but it came with a disgusting taste. Almost like the iron in blood. You grimaced as you swallowed the food. You decided to ask, "What am I eating?"

"Aw, Artie you didn't tell her what she was eating? Shame on you~" You watched silently as Kiwi giggled at 'Artie' as she called him. Al, who was being extremely quiet, finally said something. "You're eating liver, [Name]." Cue the time where you spit up your food out into your napkin and wipe your mouth.

"Can somebody tell me why I was eating that?" Nobody answered you. In fact, for the time remanding, they ignored you completely. Well, that was until Arthur got some cupcakes. "Care to try one, dear?" He offered you a cupcake. Hesitantly, you denied. You weren't taking any more chances with their food.

After dinner, Kiwi and Arthur went to do God knows what in the woods together. Eccentric pairing those two are, really; a cannibalistic bubble-goth and a psychotic cupcake baker. Anyway, you were left alone with Al. He was actually sleeping on the couch. You had to admit, he looked so cute when he was sleeping.

Wow, [Name], you're watching your kidnapper sleep…how much of a creep are you?
You noticed the TV was still turned on and the remote was being cuddled by Al. Sighing, you quietly made your way over to him. Reaching your hand out cautiously, you managed to grab the remote to shut the television off. Just as you were about to walk away, Al somehow pulled you down on the couch with him.

You looked to see if he was awake. Sure enough, his red eyes met your [E/C] ones once more. He was still smirking. God, why does he have to smirk all the time? Does he think it makes him attractive? Well, it kind of does, but you weren't going to let him know that.

"[Name]…" You felt his grip get tighter on you. "Yeah…?" You didn't dare look him in the eyes. That was something that annoyed him, but just for tonight, he'll let it slide. He obviously either moved closer or managed to pull you down farther to him, without you even noticing until now.

His breath was unsurprisingly cold on your skin. He just stayed silent for a while, and then spoke:
"You're going to be mine soon~"

…What exactly did he mean by that?
what? :iconrazycryplz:

Thank you all so much for commenting/favouriting/reading these.


by the way, Kiwi is my OC ._. I only added her in, because I thought it would be nice to have a girl for the reader to talk to ~
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I'm really liking this series it keeps getting interesting!!
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This is an amazing fan fic
LinsaSake Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
...Wtf  (my reaction to last line)
Now, I shall fly away to the next chapters.
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